Welcome to Dovecote!

The opportunity to work with friends who share a similar passion is the happiest kind of professional surprise. It can wake you up to new ideas, rekindle creative fires and even force you to stretch for the team in ways you might not for yourself. In March 2019, Jennifer, Karen and I – friends and fans of each other’s work for many years – took the leap to merge friendship with partnership, steering our strengths and sensibilities to forge Dovecote Home.

We crush over color, talk endlessly about design and revel over products that make us swoon. Karen and I marvel at Jennifer’s paintings, derived from some secret and seemingly unending source of inspiration. Her talent is the gift that keeps on giving. She keeps painting and evolving, sharing her work not only through Dovecote products but in the lush and layered lifestyle photography that brings them to life on our site.

Karen is focused thoughtfully and purposefully on the business, though her business acumen is but a thinly veiled cover for her own significant design accomplishments. I am stylist, merchandiser and copywriter, searching for language to convey the sublime impact of Jennifer’s signature aesthetic in well-loved and collected homes. I look forward to moving the Dovecote story beyond this site to the universe of home curators and designers in search of fresh and bold décor in the style we call modern nostalgia.

Beyond our individual areas of expertise, what we each love to do most is what we do together: curate the Dovecote line. What fun it is to select the paintings and fabrications and all the details in between for upcoming production. We hope that our creations will inspire you to infuse your homes and spaces with artful decor, and to enjoy the inimitable warmth and interest it imparts.

We feel gratitude for the people who have helped us get to this point. We have a fantastic seamstress who uses her Dovecote earnings to support her own passion, for horses! We have the help of a meticulous photographer who works tirelessly to get our product shots just right, crisp and accurate every time. And there is a passel of friends who readily offer their encouragement and share expertise. All the input that lends to spectacular output.

We have asked for a great deal of patience from husbands, partners, kids, pets, parents and customers. We have used our homes as photo studios, retail salons and pop-ups. It’s quite a fantastical circus. Drawn together over art, aesthetics and the prospect of building something authentic, pleasing and enduring, we are ready. We look forward to getting your attention.

Warmly, Amanda, Jennifer & Karen