Welcome to Dovecote, home décor and lifestyle products curated and styled for your fresh, collected home. We look forward to bringing you ravishing color, lush texture, masterful craftsmanship and artful styling for rich daily living.

Always in pursuit of originality and authenticity, many of our pieces are fashioned from the imagery of found artists. Tell us who you love who weilds a paintbrush or throws some clay or blows glass ... or? We welcome your artist nominations!

Brought to you by friends and business partners Amanda Crames and Karen Lazar, Dovecote was forged from a shared passion for design, color, renovation, staging and anything with an artist-touched sensibility. It is our mission to deliver artful products that stand out in the home decor market, elevate the spaces they occupy and pay homage to the artists who inspired them.

If you are a designer, home curator, urban eclectic, art lover, tastemaker -- or anyone who values artistry in the homes and spaces they love -- this line was created for you.

Dovecote proudly presents FEATURED ARTIST: Jennifer Lanne

We have followed, coveted and collected the works of Jennifer Lanne -- our debut featured artist -- for years! Influenced by nature and old-world textures, Jennifer’s irreverent use of color and patina is her signature. Her lush florals and landscapes, sketches and reliefs are fresh and refreshing, current but with a vintage vibe. They work in classic settings or mixed into modern spaces, equally at home in the city or the country. Think Modern Nostalgia.

Jennifer¬†paints from her bucolic 200-year-old farm studio in upstate NY. She has appeared in Country Living, Romantic Country, Boho Style Magazine, Reclaim Magazine UK and Mary Randolph Carter‚Äôs ‚ÄúNever Stop To Think ... Do I Have A Place For This?‚ÄĚ Her artwork¬†is now featured here on pillows, prints, accessories, coasters and paper placemats.


Amanda Crames, proprietor of Saratoga’s iconic Schuyler Pond Home & Garden for 20 years, transformed her historic home and property into an inventive and esteemed shopping destination. Known for her masterful staging and vignettes, she effortlessly mixes rich color and texture, old and new, high and low, modern and vintage.

Amanda lives as wildly as she dares now on an 80-acre farm in Galway, NY with her son, Kellen (8), horses, hayfields, stone walls and a handsome post and beam barn. This lush vantage point is a source of inspiration and creativity, and is an idyllic backdrop for Dovecote photo shoots!

Karen Lazar, former owner of an upscale children’s apparel line, renovation/design consultant and business strategist, thoughtfully guides this niche home line in the marketplace. But her business acumen belies her passion and knowledge of interiors, color and trends, upon which she has built a significant following.

Karen resides in Saratoga Springs, NY with her husband, Greg, and children Brooke (21), Grant (17) and Caroline (12). Over the past seven years, she has lovingly transformed her 1886 Herbert Langford Warren Shingle Style Architecture home into a legacy property, detail by delicious detail. This stunning, wondrous home features often in photos on this site.

It is precisely this tireless attention to detail that is now driving Dovecote’s creative and strategic purpose. We hope Dovecote décor and accessories will be a joyful addition to your home and lifestyle.


Most simply, a dovecote is a structure designed to house doves and pigeons. These domiciles provide safe haven for birds and an optimal base for nesting and socializing to encourage their return home. Well beyond its pragmatic origins, the dovecote evolved into a romantic architectural accessory to many European manor homes during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Their imaginative and dramatic forms struck prominent pose on the grounds of grand estates as they, along with their flocks, became a sign of status and good taste. We loved the imagery of the ‚Äėdovecote‚Äô as we sought to name our new home d√©cor company. Certainly, the nod to nesting and luxurious resting spaces was not lost on us. Nor were the pastoral connotations, as we are each truly grateful for the natural beauty of our surroundings in upstate NY.

What resonated most for us, however, were the elaborate designs, detail and authenticity of early dovecotes. Agriculture and architecture were artfully aligned to provide a thoughtful, purposeful, nurturing - & stunning - dwelling for its inhabitants. In turn, these lofty structures were a source of pride and enchantment for property owners, visitors and passers-by alike.

The artistry and attention to detail lavished upon early dovecotes is similar to how we feel about our own homes and the products we make. 

Dovecote, the company, hopes to adorn the corners, walls, resting and nesting spaces of your home, with elevating and inspiring décor to greet you upon your return.