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Vintage Espresso Cups and Saucers Set of 10


This incredibly rare find includes complete service for five (10 pieces) in mint condition. The prettiest set of its kind we’ve ever seen in a beautiful botanical fern pattern. Simply stunning serving small bites, mini desserts, small portions of gazpacho or of course coffee and espresso as intended. 

This set is an entertaining treasure to have and hold onto and will be the talk of any table. We can’t get enough of its delicate, decidedly feminine handles, scalloped edges, golden highlights and garden inspired botanical fern print. The underside of each cup and saucer has a unique marking that appears to have been etched into the original surface. Some markings appear to be numbers and some appear to be letters.

mint condition 

set includes five cups plus five saucers 

each cup measures approximately 3” high x 3.8” wide including handle

each saucer measures approximately 5.5” wide 

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