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Antique Redware Pottery Teapot


A extremely rare find. A never-used, perfect condition, "cabinet quality” antique Redware China teapot complete with original sticker. It is as if this piece was just produced and never touched although it is estimated to be close to a century old. Immaculate condition both inside and out.

This teapot is believed to be one of the early examples produced by the James Sadler and Sons Ltd. Company of England. The Company was founded in 1882 in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and went on to become one of the world’s most well regarded producers of pottery and teapots in particular. Sadler began by making its famous red clay fine earthenware teapots in a signature brown glaze as shown here. Consistent with the characteristics found in Sadler’s early teapots, this teapot was formed from redware, a form of red clay, and then finished in a rich tortoise shell glaze.

The multi dimensional glaze here is beautiful, luminous, and almost subtly mottled-like in its appearance. Its variations in rich chocolate brown color add a unique depth of color and dimension to the pot’s gently curved body. The upper body is finished in an exquisitely colored aqua blue glaze with hand painted gold florals. The glazes are separated by hand painted gold detailing complete with a finely textured raised dot pattern. Additional hand painted gold detailing is found throughout the piece including in stripes adorning the spout and handle. A painted gold finial rests atop the lid. A stunning heirlooom piece to be treasured. A statement maker in your home.

Made in Staffordshire, England. 

This full sized teapot measures approximately 9.3” wide (inclusive of spout and handle) and stands approximately 5.8” high.

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