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Tunstall England Porcelain Bowl Antique


Just WOW! This beautiful oversized brown floral porcelain bowl measures almost 18” in diameter, a showstopper in the center of a large dining table or kitchen island. Just a perfect color to work with in any season! Fill with fruit or simply leave empty and admire its exquisite soft chocolate brown pattern.

An exceptional addition to the festive table, farmhouse kitchen and beyond. By Tunstall England. Markings include Klondyke 6 and Pitcairn Limited, dating this beautiful antique English floral bowl to the early 20th century. An heirloom treasure to have and hold onto. We also love this piece used in the inspired bath or laundry room.

very good condition with light vintage wear noted and a tiny, almost undetectable, chip on underside of rim 

measures 17 7/8” in diameter x 5” deep

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