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Brilliant Faceted Round Glass Bud Vase by Beatriz Ball


Crystal clear! This beautiful gleaming round glass bud vase is notable for its diamond like sparkle, substantial weight and faceted surface hand cut by skilled artisans. Catching light from every direction, just add a single bloom, berry branch or pine sprig for a stunning surprise on the mantel, windowsill, bedside or as part of you festive tablescapes. 

A perfect gift for your corporate colleagues, the hostess, a special friend, and anyone who loves to showcase a fresh flower or two (or three!) all season long! Arrives boxed.

You will want to consider making it a trio with our brilliant clear faceted bud vases in Teardrop and Short shapes too! Stunning together! By New Orleans designer Beatriz Ball.

each round bud vase measures 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches


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