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Antique Georgian Hicks & Meigh Ironstone Bowl Floral No. 8


To have and hold onto! An extremely rare find in outstanding condition, this exquisite antique bowl is one of the original pieces of ironstone china ever produced. In hand painted splendor, it is simply stunning. To hold it in your hands and know its long history is humbling. To wonder what English family owned it and how it came to be here in the United States 200 years later is thought provoking. An authentic antique to be marveled at, treasured and admired.

The bowl’s manufacturer, Hicks and Meigh, was based in Shelton (Hanley) Staffordshire, England from 1803 until 1822. This bowl was produced between 1812 and 1822, circa 1815. Hicks and Meigh was one of the first and amongst the leading manufacturers of stone china, producing a wide range of high quality earthenware and richly decorated porcelains.

In this beautiful example of their work, enamels were hand painted over a faint outline in this exquisite pattern simply called “no. 8” indicating that it was only the 8th pattern ever used by the company. The floral pattern exhibits beautiful Asian influence reflecting the notion that items from China were highly coveted at that time in British history. This floral pattern was later adopted by Spode Ironstone.

This bowl exhibits the recorded royal arms mark on the rear face. These arms are pre-1837 as they exhibit the shield from the House of Hanover. This mark was later removed when Queen Victoria ascended to the throne in 1837. 

In excellent condition with only a few tiny pin dot sized marks and very minor edge wear on rim (they blend into the floral and are hard to detect) and a few tiny pin dot sized pits on underside. Simply remarkable condition given its age. Floral pattern No. 8 appears on the back along with the stamp as illustrated.

measures 9.5” in diameter and 1.6” in height 

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