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White Agate Organic Platter — 2 sizes


An exquisite uniquely shaped platter in genuine white agate. A quick refresh for tired spaces, this platter creates a stunning focal point wherever it is placed. Embodying both contemporary and traditional European aesthetics, this elegant agate platter is at home anywhere. Captivating in its simplistic organic beauty, this agate artisan platter is a finely crafted treasure not to be missed. Each piece is unique in color and composition, reflecting the intrinsic character and beauty of this natural stone. Each luminous serving surface is polished to perfection. Also makes a wonderful gift! 

Agate is naturally formed in volcanic and metamorphic rock and was first used ornamentally in Ancient Greece. Enjoying a surge in popularity right now, agate is considered the design material of the season and can be seen in pieces ranging from decor to furniture, praised by designers and home enthusiasts alike for its unparalleled organic beauty. Enjoy your very own piece of agate in this carefully curated platter. Also see our coordinating white agate coasters. Artistry at home.

food safe

hand wash

medium measures 12” x 8” x .5”

large measures 15” x 10” x .5”

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