Dovecote Celebrates One Year!

It's hard to believe a year has passed since we first "opened" Dovecote Home. Like many things that are challenging (children), all-consuming (renovation), worthwhile (a perennial garden) and fulfilling (children, again!), it feels at once like just yesterday and yet years ago that we began.

Launching our site exactly as Covid began, we quickly became masters of "the pivot", perhaps the most used word of the past year. But it's true! We began producing exclusive decor from the works of a single artist and soon expanded to include the works of others, with more to come in the year ahead. We brought in fantastic new product lines that you asked to see, and that we craved as well as we spent more time at home. 

While living and working at home during the pandemic, we were reminded that curating living spaces alive with texture, color, art, old and new, creature comforts & inspiring style is more than a passion, but a meaningful endeavor.  Home is shelter, sanctuary, a place to stay safe, stay inspired and stay put while storms are weathered. Home is also a place, when the storm subsides, to open doors, rekindle creativity, gather, entertain and reconnect. 

To that end, you'll be hearing a lot more from us in this blog. We will share our uniquely cultivated modern nostalgia style and show how our favorite looks can easily translate to spaces that are inspiring and personal to you. Color selections, renovation know-how, creating stunning "views" throughout your home, assorting and placing pillows, seasonal refreshes, adding vintage into any interior and layering in the artful pieces your house has been longing for ... these are the things we love to do and can't wait to share!

We will also introduce you to our homes. Karen's historic 1886 Herbert Langford Warren Shingle Style Architecture home, in the process of a stunning renovation, showcases her elegant coastal traditional style, a true love of architecture, distinctive use of color, airiness, marble and bluestone. She will take you along that winding renovation journey!

My 100-year-old farm is more improvisation and adaptation. Verdent greens and fieldstone frame my viewpoint. Old mantles, traditional furnishings with style surprises here and there, vintage accents and colorful glass are the predominent features in this cottage-style farmhouse. Our blog will feature both of our home stories with insider tips at every turn. 

Be back very soon! In the meantime, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our first year a success. Your support, encouragement and loyalty has made all the difference. Please continue to share our site with your friends and family and join us on your favorite social media platforms. It is your recommendations that most help Dovecote Home continue to grow.

Cheers to longer days and springing forward!

Amanda & Karen












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"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within."

~ Maya Angelou