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Warrior Face Sketch Large Art Print on Canvas

$29 $74

These gorgeous, contemplative faces, from our new Sketches Collection, are reproduced on canvas from the original line art of Jose Trujillo, exclusively for Dovecote. They are the visual expression of the modern nostalgia style we adore, at once fresh but with a distinct nod to the past. Bold clean lines that move us effortlessly through the past to the present, relevant and pleasing in any setting.

So soulfully has Jose captured the bold and fearless spirit of this woman, that we named this print, Warrior. We imagine her a confident leader, independent and strong willed, a righter of wrongs, a woman who can regroup and redirect as needed. Beautiful yes, but she sees her strength and abilities as her finest assets. Her fiery countenance belies a brave and loyal heart. Who doesn't need a woman like that hanging around!?

This artful and dramatic black and white art print will spark interest wherever it is placed, effortlessly adorning gallery or collage walls, mantels and shelves. A bold reminder of your own stregth and determination. 

Measures 16 x 20 x 1.5-inches, ready to hang.

Each image is printed on authentic artist’s canvas, then stretched over cradled wood. 

What is cradled wood? A wood frame with an attached board that serves as a hard back to the canvas. This workmanship delivers a solid look and substantial feel to each piece, ensuring that these prints will be enjoyed for years to come.

Also available in smaller 8 x 8 x 1.5-inch print.

Produced exclusively by Dovecote.

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