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Vintage Floral Fuchsia Pink and Coral Wandering Roses Rectangular Tablecloths — set of 2

$89 $109

Simply an unbelievable find! Two of the same exact vintage cloths in outstanding condition with original vibrant floral color against a crisp white ground. Simply stunning! The cloth’s summer infused color way features deep pinks, coral oranges and chartreuse greens.

Two cloths in the same pattern deliver versatility when entertaining. Use individually on two smaller tables or use together, angled, on a longer table. These distinctive tablecloths create instant visual interest wherever they are placed. An instant mood lifter. We always love using vintage cloths like these for alfresco dining and find them especially captivating as backdrops for porch parties, brunches and bridal showers.  

If you’ve never owned vintage cloths like these, you’re missing out! They are as practical as they are beautiful. Just exquisite textiles, these cloths are also substantial in hand and launder like a dream in heavyweight cotton. A tablecloth duo not to be missed that will be treasured for years to come.

a few tiny imperfections that we challenge you to find!

set of two like cloths 

each cloth measures approximately 52” x 64”

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