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“Finian Pear" Studio Print


This festive studio print is reproduced from the original "Finian Pear" by artist Kimberly Ryan, and will surely satisfy your appetite for livable art and irresistible color.

We fell in love with Kimberly's enchanting pear studies, and her inimitable way of reimagining an artist's classic subject, making it distinctive, fresh and fun. Each print edge is finished by hand with brushstrokes of gold leaf.

Perfect in the kitchen or anywhere you need a dash of delight or whimsy. Hang them in groups for an artful harvest with added impact. "Finian Pear" is shown here with "Juneberry Pear."

Each image is printed on authentic artist’s canvas, then stretched over cradled wood. Gold leaf edges are artist applied by hand. Variations are to be expected and lend to the unique appeal of each print.

What is cradled wood? A wood frame with an attached board that serves as a hard back to the canvas. This workmanship delivers a solid look and substantial feel to each piece while ensuring that the print will be enjoyed for years to come.

limited edition print

each print measures 8 x 8 x 1.5 inches

"Finian Pear" is also available as part of the Hazel Pear Study Coaster Set

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