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“Ravishing Pink Pear” Original Canvas

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This original pear study, the delicious "Ravishing Pear" by artist Kimberly Dana Ryan, will surely satisfy your appetite for livable art and irresistible color. In rich hues of pink, mulberry, gold, gray and mocha brown the colors in this original canvas mix effortlessly into any palette.

We fell in love with Kimberly's enchanting pears, and her inimitable way of reimagining an artist's still life classic subject, making it distinctive, fresh and fun. 

Perfect in the kitchen, dining room or anywhere you need a dash of delight or whimsy. Hang them in groups for an artfully harvested gallery wall with added impact. Or display them on your mantle, shelf or coffee table. We enjoy placing on wood easels (sold separately) for an artist vibe.

This original oil is painted on flat artist's canvas board, measuring 8x10 inches. If you crave a little extra lustre, you will especially enjoy the shimmery gold and copper metallic brushstrokes that adorn this painting! 

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