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Cement Faux Bois Garden Pots, 2 sizes

$26 $29

We love the weather worn look and feel of these weighty and beautifully made faux bois pots. Perfect for herbs or fresh cut flowers, these organic intricately detailed vessels make a woodland statement with greenery of any kind. Herbs in the kitchen, fresh cut peonies on the table, ferns on the porch. A true treat for the garden lover.

large pot measures 10" tall x 6" in diameter

medium ot measures 8" tall x 5" in diameter

What is "faux bois"? French for "fake wood", faux bois refers to the artistic imitation of wood or wood grains in various media. The craft has roots in the Renaissance, probably first crafted with concrete using an iron armature by garden craftsmen in France called "rocailleurs". They would typically use common iron materials, including rods, barrel bands and chicken wire as the form, then add and shape the concrete into wood grain art.

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