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Vintage Lilac Bowls Set


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This set did not originate together but these vintage bowls, each with delicate lilacs and other garden blooms, are undeniably a perfect pairing. If you love lilac, this unique set is for you. Enjoy on your mantle, on open shelving or as generous servers at the table. Perfect for your Easter tablescape or a great gift for Mother's Day. Vintage pieces like these elevate the everyday meal. Even pasta seems to taste better when served out of these beauties!

The bowl with delicate rose and lilac nosegays features a wavy edge, painted in gold. It measures 10" in diameter x 2.5" high.

The bowl with larger purple flowers and white creamy lilacs also features a textured rim with slightly faded silver painted accents. It also measures 10" in diameter x 2.5" high. 

excellent condition

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