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“The Designer” Fashion Magazine Set of 3


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Time travel awaits with this fantastic and rare collection of three complete issues of The Designer magazine, published by the Standard Fashion Company of New York in the early 1900’s. All in very good condition with excellent color and vibrance and modest signs of wear. Beautiful artful covers and intricately printed pages suitable for display or framing.

Each edition yields a rare glimpse into the daily life of turn of the century aspiring women (1916-1918). Enjoy articles, self-help and advertising from this bygone, war-time period. With every page turn, you’ll find a laugh, a smile, an education and a history lesson. A source of awe, entertainment, inspiration and sometimes disbelief for women today.

These beautiful magazines are the ultimate conversation pieces laying about your coffee table or office. A meaningful and unique gift for the fashionista, designer or graduating student in the industry. Owning this set is like having a piece of a time capsule created over a hundred years ago. A collection to be truly treasured and enjoyed.

each measures 16” x 12”  

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