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The Art of the Pie Hardcover Book


It's Pie Time! And this gorgeous hardcover makes pie making simple and fun. Kate McDermott, who learned to make pie from her Iowa grandmother, has taught the time-honored craft of pie making to thousands of people.

In Art of the Pie she shares her secrets to great crusts (including gluten-free options) with instructions for making, rolling, and baking them, as well as detailed descriptions for ingredients, methods, and tricks for mouth watering fillings. Organized by type of fruit, style of pie, and sweet versus savory, recipes range from apple to banana rum caramel coconut, raspberry rhubarb to chicken pot pie. Along with luscious photography, McDermott makes it very easy to become an accomplished pie maker.

This is the only PIE cookbook you'll ever need. For the baker in your life, include our Rosalind Toffee table cloth and Charming tea towel with this beautiful book (as shown) for a most thoughtful gift!

75 color photographs

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