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Marble & Antique Brass Adjustable Cake Plate Pedestals -- 2 sizes


These beautiful and architectural marble and antique brass cake plates channel the vibe of authentic French boulangeries and patisseries. And we can’t think of anything better than that!

Crisp clean marble surfaces rest atop sturdy and adjustable antique brass pedestals, with exposed knob for raising and lowering the plate. A gorgeous pedestal for your favorite pies, crisps, eclairs, tarts and pastries. Available in 12" and 10" diameters, they are showstoppers when used in pairs at different heights on your kitchen island or dining table.

Their use as display pedestals is endless, even when moved out of the dining room. An elegant way to raise books, vases, artifacts and bowls to achieve different heights on your coffee table or console. Beautiful, versatile and timeless. 

bases are finished on the underside in felt padding  

adjustable height  

food safe

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