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Artisan Bud Vase Trio in Mediterranean Blue


These distinctive artisan bud vases feature optic lines and coveted jewel tones that captivate from across the room. Each one is individually hand blown and no two are exactly alike.

This bud vase trio channels the appeal of vintage glass with a vibrant and rare luminosity. Perfect for mantels, window sills, bedside tables or on trays atop the coffee table. A stunning finishing touch to your inspired tabletop. The three together, adorned with delicate stems or a single vibrant bloom, deliver an exquisite vibrant sky blue hue and the inimitable impact of pieces forged by hand. Collectible treasures.

Set of three assorted sizes as shown.

Tall is approximately 3.5" high, Round is 3.25" high, Squat is 3"high.

Each vase is a unique piece of hand blown glass. Slight variations in hue and shape are to be expected.

Notes on the Artist: Maker Rojer Serpas, who works from his Portland studio, continues to blow glass with handmade tools that haven’t changed much over the course of thousands of years. A modern maker with great design sensibility, he is deeply connected to the artistry of those that paved the way before him. Inspired by clean lines and authentic design, Rojer strives to make pieces that are contemporary and visually stunning yet timeless in their appeal.  

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