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Live Edge Bark Asymetrical Mirror or Tabletop Riser — 2 sizes


A work of art in and of itself, this live edge bark mirror presented in a unique organic shape makes a statement wherever it is placed. Ready to hang on the wall, it is also a beautiful riser, resting flat on your countertop, coffee or dining table. A reflective backdrop for any vignette, the mirrored glass is contrasted by a thick rich ebony live bark edge.

We love paired unexpectedly with vintage finds! At home in the modern farmhouse, city loft, ski house, traditional home and beyond! Designer’s pick! Pair our coordinating sizes for added impact. Design a jaw dropping centerpiece by grouping or stacking assorted sizes in the middle of a table. Here we show one large mirror complemented by two medium. See our vintage collection to see the glassware shown here.

Medium measures approximately 12” in diameter x 2” deep

Large measures approximately 16” in diameter x 2” deep

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