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🎄Vintage Etched Cordial Glasses—Set of 6


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Vintage barware is always in fashion! This luminous set of cordial crystal glasses is no exception. Ready to add timeless elegance to your evening "symposium", this vintage crystal stemware set is beautifully etched with an exquisite laurel leaf and circle pattern. Reflecting both light and the cocktail within, these glasses will make a stunning addition to your open shelving or barcart. Cheers to special toasts and nightcaps!

Also a beautiful way to serve sorbet. And an artfully unexpected presentation for small pumpkins or holiday ornaments on your seasonal tablescape. 

A note on the word “symposium" to share while enjoying these glasses: Symposium is typically used today to describe a meeting of experts or a published collection of articles on a subject, but the word was first used in English to describe a sort of drinking party. In fact, the word originally comes from the ancient Greek sympinein, meaning 'to drink together.' Let's!

measures 4.5” high and approximately 2.75” wide 

set of six

mint condition 

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