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Sensory Retreat Soap and Candle Gift Set


Indulge in our specially priced gift bundle just in time for Mother’s Day! Set includes three of our best-selling botanical shea butter soaps and three fragrant votive candles by iconic maker Trapp Fragrances. 

Transform your home into a sensory retreat, rejuvenating busy spaces with fresh captivating fragrance. A perfect treat for someone you love or YOU!

Gift Set includes:

  • one each shea butter soap bars in Rosewater Jasmine, Zinnia Aloe Butter and Passion Flower and Olive Oil. Enriched with shea butter, essential oils & natural extracts, each divinely scented bar is individually wrapped in beautiful papers. Pretty both inside and out!
  • one each Trapp votive candle in Jasmine Gardenia (jasmine, gardenia, honeysuckle), Lemon Leaf & Basil (aromatic basil, Meyer lemon, wild lily) and Orange Vanilla (crisp orange notes, Tahitian vanilla). Used in the kitchen, entryway or bedroom, you will know instantly why these best-selling scents are so popular! 
a $34.50 value, just $29

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