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Small Handblown Glass Petal Vase in Teal Blue Opaque


Only 1 piece in stock!

Behold our new handblown artisan vases, with mercurial ruffle detailing at the mouth, awaiting your beautiful stems. Is it a ruffle? A petal? A flamboyant jabot? However you see it, these exquisite vessels will frame your blooms and invite admiration wherever they are placed.

Adorn your mantels, sills, bookshelves, bedside and dining tables with these authentic uniquely hand formed pieces. The dreamy opaque hue of our Teal Blue Petal Vase provides a sweet pedestal for a few lucky blooms. These artful vessels also make beautiful gifts.

Each piece is handblown by glass artist Matthew Clark in his Portland studio. Expect slight but beautiful variation in size, form and detailing as each vase is a one of a kind piece of art. Variations are to be celebrated and lend to the artistic integrity of each piece.

small ruffle vases measure approximately 5 inches tall x approximately 2.9 inches at widest point

Complementing large petal vases in various shades make pairing easy!

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